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Scott Cairney About e-commerce
Just the other day Apple announced the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch. I must admit to a personal interest in the hardware, coolness factor and the sleekness of the presentation. While I would love to delve into that area, the Internet is already saturated with positive, negative and humorous feedback. I do however feel that one area hasn’t been covered, ......

Yesterday I had a brush with multi-channel digital marketing that worked. Here is the story. To set the stage, we have to go back a few months when replaced my aging laptop with a new Mac and migrated my Windows operating system on to Parallels. Once the migration was complete an offer was presented to me. It was a trial for anti-virus or maybe anti-spyware ...... is back. Up and running once again, with many thanks from! This is my personal blog where I will discuss topics that are of interest to me, these will of course include e-commerce, SOA and other enterprise development topics. I will also keep you up to date on the activities of the Commerce Server team and hope ......

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